Why Use Water Based Paving Sealer

Why Use Water Based Paving Sealer


This article explains the benefits of sealing pavers using a water based paving sealer.

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For the person who values the aesthetic value of their home, sealing pavers helps keep them looking newer and cleaner for longer, among many other benefits. Regardless of whether your paving is old or new, it can be sealed. You can either use solvent sealers or water based ones, with the water based paving sealer offering more value for money. But wait; what are pavers?

Pavers – A Simple Definition

Pavers are hard blocks that are used outdoors to create smooth and hard surfaces. They can be used to construct driveways, outdoor steps, patios and pathways. Some people also use them to construct landscaping features and retaining walls as well. You can use cut stones, bricks, clay tiles, cast concrete and glass for pavers. For the different environments, there are a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and textures of pavers to choose from.

To install pavers, you need to carefully plan the desired pattern. It also requires some effort and patience to do right. You can install them yourself, or you can hire the services of various landscapers and contractors. Pavers come with a huge advantage of being able to last longer than wood chips, asphalt, or gravel, and especially if they are well laid out. You can also enhance this advantage by properly sealing the pavers.

Advantages of Sealing Pavers

Sealing pavers makes them easier to clean and maintain. This is on top of the extra protection offered against damage by rain and harmful sun rays. Sealing also discourages growth of weeds and insect activity, like anthills on the surface. Sealing also adds a general beauty value, making the place more pleasant to be in.

Why Use Water Based Paving Sealers

Water based paving sealer results in a transparent, clear, non-silicone water repellant coating which enhances and protects the appearance of both medium and low porosity building materials. The resulting hard film is resistant to damage by water, as well as the disfiguring tarmac driveways that is brought about by pollutants that are airborne. A water based paving sealer’s water repulsion property is also well supplemented by a highly effective biocide which works to inhibit algae, fungi and lichens growth.

These water based paving sealers are also highly resistant to ultraviolet light, on top of being very trafficable. On top of this, they can be used over a wide range of areas including concrete pavings, stenciled pavers, natural stone, clay pavers, and reconstituted stone pavers. They can also be used over a cured and decorative coating that shows no signs of chalking.

You also do not require any out of the ordinary equipment to apply these water based sealers. All you need is a brush, spray, or a roller. The drying time is approximately 30 minutes in between coats, with two coats being sufficient. However, you should allow at least 2 hours before you start walking on the surface.

The best part is that a water based paving sealer can be cleaned up easily before it dries by use of water. It is also easy to use and safe, as well as being resistant to stains and substrate damage.

So, whether you are looking for more beauty on your pavers, or you want to enhance their durability among many other benefits, sealing pavers is an option that you should go with.