Why Are We Attracted to Orange Jewellery?

Why Are We Attracted to Orange Jewellery?

Orange is a festive colour. It has multiple benefits, the boldness of red coupled with the vibrancy of yellow. It has a bold and cheerful personality. Its colour meaning is associated with sunsets, dancing playful fires and carefree autumn leaves.

Orange Jewellery expresses full-bodied lust for life and no doubt attracts attentive curiosity. It’s so bright and full of vigor, that it can only be worn by those with confidence. We are attracted to orange jewellery for the exuberance designs, embodied with noticeable orange beads, crystals or gemstones.

Orange attracts us with its eye-catching flamboyant nature. It impresses fun and exudes playful energy. The flamboyancy is contagious. It expresses joy and Blue sapphire thus is used as an antidepressant. Orange is also worn to encourage enthusiasm, vibrancy & youthful energy.

As a halfway mark between its red -yellow counterparts, it acts a very versatile colour. Team it with black clothing for a contrasting bold look. Steer towards exotic orange and bright pink for a chic bold statement. Create an appealing authentic look with burnt orange beads blended with cream pearls.

Olivine green crystals mixed with peridot and citrine gemstones and tangerine crystals is a very earthy combination. These look stunning with bronze jewellery and brass charms.

Orange is said to enhance and express creativity. Some jewellery designers wear orange for creative inspiration. The invigorating orange jewellery palette, is composed with orange crystals namely, Topaz, Sun, Fire Opal, Smoked Topaz and Light Smoked Topaz. Gemstones also ignite the imagination. Semi-precious gemstones Amber and Burnt Topaz look stunning teamed between little black crystal and shiny sterling silver beads.